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Why You Should Work with a Business That Gives Back

The advertising technology industry gets a bad rap these days. Consumers don’t trust ads, they don’t trust how marketers are using their data, they don’t trust that we can do a better job. And that’s fair, because from Brietbart to Cambridge Analytica, we’ve dropped the ball a lot in recent years as an industry. But it’s time to change consumer thinking because marketing can and will be used as a force for good. Don’t believe us? Here are some of the great ways technology companies are helping the world:

  • Pledge 1%, founded by Salesforce, Atlassian and Rally, have engaged hundreds of companies to pledge 1% of time, profit, equity and product to philanthropy.

  • IBM’s Social Good Fellowship empowers graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to develop data science solutions that benefit humanity, such as hunting Zika with machine learning.

  • The non-profit Team4Tech connects large technology firms to global non-profits, leading the likes of Adobe and Intel employees on trips around the world to provide tech support to these groups.

But more to the point, why should you care? It’s all well and good if a company is charity-focused, but what does it mean for your own business? It turns out, a lot. Working with companies that care about something larger than themselves benefits both their business and yours:

  • They attract and retain better talent: Millennials care a lot about giving back, and they are loyal to brands and employers who donate on a regular basis. Seventy-seven percent of millennials want to donate their skills instead of money, according to the 2015 Millennial Impact report. It also costs up to $25,000 to replace one millennial employee, so the investment in a corporate volunteer program can pay for itself many times over. Better talent means better service, strategy and support to you as the client.

  • They foster well-being amongst employees: Happy employees are productive employees. In an LBG Associates survey about employee volunteer programs, 71 percent said they felt more positive about their company if it gave back. Working on a cause, whether it’s through company-sponsored giving drives, a donation platform or paid days off to volunteer, can boost morale and productivity, which is good for both their business and yours. There is a $40 million revenue fluctuation when employee engagement increases or decreases by just 1 percent, according to SAP. More engaged employees will be better account managers and customer service reps, and more likely to be able to hustle or pivot to get the job done for you.

  • They offer you better leadership: Of Fortune 500 HR managers surveyed by Deloitte, 91 percent agreed with the statement that “Volunteering knowledge and expertise to a nonprofit can be an effective way to cultivate critical business and leadership skills.” These skills include communication and goal-setting, hallmarks of creating a strong path to leadership, something you want in the company to which you are giving your business.

AlwaysOn Digital donates a portion of your investment with us to our friends at charity: water to help solve the water crisis around the world. We’ve helped 44 people get clean water.

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