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This One Time at Band Camp

As we sit here quarantined, working from home – some of us even homeschooling multiple kids, it’s hard to stay positive or sane some days. Budget cuts and cancelations for a variety of reasons – inventory, brick and mortar closings, the stock market, or even fear. Social distancing, the stress of groceries and let’s face it – cooking so many meals. 

You may find the light at the end of the tunnel hard to see, and that’s understandable. However, if you have been in the industry for 20 years or more you know that we can and will turn this around. I started at my first internet startup in early 2000, flew out for training and felt like the bubble burst on the flight back. Each deal was so hard to win, and goals were impossible to hit. When I finally started to hit a groove, September 11th happened. It took time, but we built back up again.  

If you are new to the industry, you will get through this with your own “Band Camp” story.

Parents with young kids, the saying is that we only have 18 summers with them. So, think of this as an extra summer, take a few breaks and maybe we can steal some fun time in between it all.

Our lives and careers will always have peaks and valleys. This is one of these valleys, if we work together, stay home with patience and positivity we will get through it.  One day we will look back at this pandemic and know how to handle the next valley even better.

March 25, 2020 - by Kym Insana

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