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The Best Times to Use a PMP

It’s not news that there are many ways to buy digital media today—the open exchange, private marketplaces (PMPs), preferred deals and more. PMPs are tailored RTB marketplaces that invite marketers to access premium inventory and audiences available only to them. The buyer and seller typically negotiate to both design and agree to the private deal. As with any buying method, there are pros and cons and a time and place for PMPs. Below, we outline some of the questions you should consider for PMPs:

  • Do you require inventory for specialized formats? If you require specialized formats and devices, the Open Auction is not the place to find them at this stage of supply chain evolution. There are emerging forms of inventory that don’t map to RTB specs, and some creative units are exclusive to a specific publisher or exchange. To get the performance and safety benefits required, you can set up PMPs directly with inventory sources to get the impressions that tie to creative units or device types you need for your campaigns.

  • Can the publisher enhance your audience targeting? Publishers can create specific targeting subsets based on being closest to the customer to gather data about them. Delve into whether or not the publisher can access compelling data that will improve your targeting—things to consider are whether they require a login or have very specialized audience subsets.

  • Are you a specialized vertical? Verticals like pharmaceuticals and gambling are heavily regulated regarding which customers they can target, where they run ads and the types of placement they can use. If you’re a marketer in this vertical, PMPs can help ensure the inventory matches your stringent requirements.

AlwaysOn Digital can curate custom PMPs for business across verticals. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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