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School Reaches New Students For Enrollment In Their Programs

Case Study: How did a school increase awareness of its programs?

Higher education school drives awareness and student enrollment

The distinguished institution of higher education approached AlwaysOn Digital, seeking innovative strategies to bolster its student enrollment and intensify its program outreach within the community. Through a deft combination of expertise and creativity, AlwaysOn Digital orchestrated a transformative campaign, yielding remarkable business results for the educational establishment.


A public school was looking to increase awareness of its specialty programs as well as increase the enrollment of new students. AlwaysOn Digital was tasked to drive incremental enrollment, signups, and awareness to their school in a geographical area.


An outcome-oriented digital marketing strategy was implemented, leveraging programmatic display (including video, display, and connected TV), Facebook/Instagram, Nextdoor, and YouTube to amplify the school's message and foster user engagement. By incorporating a blend of 1st and 3rd party data, audience insights, and demographic information, the AlwaysOn Digital team effectively managed and reached a meticulously targeted audience.


1. Increased Site Traffic by 55% With CTRs as high as 1.22%, incremental site traffic was generated to help lift awareness about the school and its offerings for students.

2. A Rise In Enrollment By skillfully capturing and directing the influx of site traffic, AlwaysOn Digital expertly navigated consumers through an immersive purchase journey. Through dynamic optimization strategies, we managed to elevate enrollment rates by an impressive 21%, leaving a lasting impact on our client and their customers.

3. Achieved Diversity Target With a goal of 50% towards a Hispanic audience, AlwaysOn Digital was able to reach the target audience through various data segments and targeting techniques, in addition to utilizing Spanish creative.

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