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Retail Brand Beats Sales Expectations

Case Study: How did a Retailer achieve brand lift while driving sales?

AlwaysOn Digital Retail case study that generated high user engagement and sales that exceed ROAS goals.

Unearthing untapped revenue streams remains a cornerstone in the strategic playbook for retailers, serving as a crucial aspect of their growth and sustainability. Therefore, when they aligned with AlwaysOn Digital, it was not merely a random step, but rather a meticulously calculated move, underpinned by a well-crafted strategy and a clear plan for execution. This partnership was designed to propel the retailers towards their financial objectives, carving out a path towards new and promising avenues of income generation. The alliance with AlwaysOn Digital presented a unique opportunity, marrying the best of retail acumen with advanced digital capabilities to unlock fresh possibilities for boosting revenue.


Strategically spearhead the augmentation of sales volumes and the enhancement of brand visibility within key demographics. Identify emerging customer profiles, ensuring continuous engagement with customers and optimize their experiences with the brand.


Capitalizing on distinctive purchasing data, we meticulously curated fashion-oriented Private Marketplace (PMP) deals and deployed a comprehensive prospecting strategy. This multi-faceted approach was aimed at identifying and engaging potential new customers, thereby expanding our market reach. This strategic initiative resulted in a significant boost in incremental sales, which spanned across various strategies, including display, video, and mobile media tactics. Our targeted and data-driven approach ensured a robust and effective reach, thereby driving customer acquisition and accelerating sales growth.


In exceeding our predefined objectives, we witnessed a consistent and impressive upward trajectory in brand engagement throughout the duration of our campaign. The engagement rate achieved a high watermark of 1.27%, a testament to the resonance of our messaging with the target audience. Moreover, the campaign's effectiveness was clearly evident in the robust sales figures, which generated a remarkable return on ad spend (ROAS). The campaign delivered a 14:1 ROAS, underlining the cost-effectiveness of our strategic approach and the significant impact of our initiatives on the company's bottom line. The results of this campaign clearly underscore the potency of our strategies, paving the way for future initiatives.

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