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Sustainability Ads Lead to Environmental Change

Case Study: What contribution did our sustainability efforts have on the environment?

AlwaysOn Digital Sustainability case study that had positive impacts to the environment.

The Internet, as a substantial contributor to pollution, accounts for nearly 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Data transfers are responsible for approximately 30% of this energy consumption. With an anticipated 40% surge in data transfers by 2030, it is crucial for companies to actively pursue strategies to minimize their environmental impact.


By employing strategies to minimize data waste and enhance efficiency, the media industry can effectively diminish its environmental footprint without sacrificing performance. These strategies encompass streamlining energy consumption for data storage and transmission while optimizing the use of existing energy sources. One notable approach employed by the AlwaysOn Digital team involves exclusively displaying in-view ads, which exemplifies a conscientious and eco-friendly practice in the industry.


1. Ad weight: est 3.0 MB 3. Emission factor: 1kg CO2 / GB

Environmental Impact

1. 25% less data transferred 2. Lower Co2 emissions by 4.5 tons

a. 152,180 plastic bags

b. 21,034 miles driven by a car

c. 3 cars off the road

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