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More Ask Me Anything with Kym!

Back in May, our Founder and President Kym Insana participated in a Q&A with #AMAfeed, in which she answered questions about being a female entrepreneur in tech, being a working mom and more about the AlwaysOn Digital business. She recently offered to answer her LinkedIn network's questions on similar topics. Here are some of what she's shared. If you're interested in getting Kym's guidance on marketing, work, life or balancing it all, email her at kym(at)

What challenges you the most at work overall?

The biggest challenge being a start-up is the many hats that you have to wear. It’s important to understand the value of your time. Will hiring someone part-time to do invoices be more efficient than you doing them yourself? What is the opportunity cost if I don’t hire someone, how many less reach-outs, or other projects get put aside for that cost. It’s a lot easier to do some things on my own, but wouldn’t always be the smartest.

What is the most sought-after service from the ones you offer?

For clients that purchase managed service, pure performance campaigns and PMP executions are the top two. For clients that have a self-serve partnership in place, we work with them to provide staffing solutions.

Are there clients that you'd refuse to help, if any (outside of obvious exceptions, like those going for criminal enterprise).

Outside of anything that would be obvious exceptions, there would be a handful of times that we would make another suggestion to them. Primarily, if we aren’t confident in our ability to reach their target or audience, I would be honest and upfront.

If they wanted to work with us after that, it’s important that everyone has the same expectations for success. Some goals or methodologies are not realistic and should be addressed head-on prior to any working relationship. We always will do our best to obtain the desired outcomes, and keep an open dialogue throughout. It’s more important for me to gain trust and be honest for a long-term relationship than take today’s opportunity not worrying about tomorrow.

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