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Live Entertainment Brand Ticket Sales Explode

Case Study: How did a live entertainment brand create an explosion of ticket sales?

AlwaysOn Digital Zoo entertainment brand case study that delivered high user engagement rates and drove incremental ticket sales by 733 percent.

AlwaysOn Digital was brought on board to address a critical pain point faced by a live entertainment brand: lackluster ticket sales. Despite their ambitious goals and a specific focus on a highly influential demographic of women aged 25 to 49, the brand was looking to attract and convert customers effectively. Recognizing the urgent need to generate buzz and engagement, the brand realized that it needed the expertise and resources to execute a successful digital marketing strategy. Additionally, they were grappling with the challenge of fostering a robust community around their venue, which was crucial for their long-term success. Therefore, they turned to AlwaysOn Digital, seeking expertise in crafting and implementing a targeted and efficient digital approach. The brand aimed to create a local, engaged audience base that would not only boost ticket sales but also enhance its overall brand presence and reputation in the region.


AlwaysOn Digital constructed a comprehensive and innovative strategy, utilizing a blend of robust 1st and 3rd party data segments, and focusing on a geographical radius surrounding its location - in addition to other targeting strategies. This approach was designed to gain an in-depth understanding of the brand's audience, delving into their preferences, behaviors, and patterns. To amplify the reach and engagement, the strategy integrated diverse digital tactics, which included video content, mobile, and display ads. These were meticulously dispersed across a multitude of social media platforms and widely distributed on the open web.

This multi-faceted approach not only ensured a comprehensive online presence for the brand but also fostered a dynamic interaction between the brand and its audience. By leveraging these digital marketing tactics, AlwaysOn Digital was able to offer a more personalized and engaging brand experience to the audience, thereby driving greater customer engagement and loyalty.


In an extraordinary display of performance, the company's ticket sales were not just met but surpassed by an astounding 733%. This remarkable achievement has been coupled with an equally impressive delivery of user engagement, peaking as high as a 5.82% click-through rate. The dual success in these key areas for driving attention underlines the effectiveness of our strategic approach, and set a new benchmark for excellence. This substantial growth in sales, paired with high engagement rates, is a testament to the AlwaysOn Digital team's relentless dedication and successful implementation of customer-focused media strategies.

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