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Kym Talks Schedules, Education and More About What AOD Actually Does

Kym's #startupama on AMAfeed officially ended last week, so we thought we'd share some of the final questions asked from the audience. To see other highlights from the AMA, read this post and this post.

Could explain what some of your services entail, such as 1:1 supply curation, and omnichannel media execution?

We will work on a 1:1 basis with publishers to negotiate the right supply (media or inventory) to pair with a marketer’s ads. This is an important differentiator at a time when companies are increasingly concerned about brand safety, which is making sure your ads appear alongside content with positive connotations that won’t negatively impact your brand reputation.

Omnichannel means executing campaigns with fluid budgets across a range of channels, like display, mobile, social and video, and increasing or decreasing them depending on how your audience is engaging. Having an omnichannel approach means you focus on where your target audience is instead of being concerned about spending a certain amount on one channel, such as video.

Do you have a line of delegation to accommodate your schedule and that of your employees?

Yes, we are set up so that we can answer questions immediately if need be. However, someone can always get me if it’s urgent, and I can be accessible.

Any examples of the things you do to make your employees’ work more manageable?

There are a number of folks (including myself) that can handle the other functions of the company. Loading creative, running campaigns, sending invoices. Everyone rolls up their sleeves and gets the job done. There are no egos or roles that are beneath anyone.

What did you study to be able to handle this many roles, and where?

I had a double major of media communications and business and liberal arts at Queens College. However, so much has changed since I stared in the industry that I don’t believe having a different education would have changed much. Some of my biggest life lessons, and ability to handle stress, multiple requests and just get the job done, came from being a parent over education. Life lessons to me are just as valuable as education.

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