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How to Overcome the 3 Biggest Challenges in Media Management

Last week, we talked about the three biggest challenges in media management currently facing marketers. These hurdles are largely affecting marketers’ ability to know that their ads are getting in front of the right people. There are a few things that can reduce the uncertainty and complexity around how marketers are managing media and ensure they are on the right path to getting the results they want.

  1. Turning content and context on their heads: As we discussed last week, content targeting can be useful to target customers—but they might not be the ones you actually want to reach. That’s because content targeting strategies don’t always take into account what your target user is actually consuming. So, you could be trying to target them with content they have zero interest in. Instead, you need to optimize based on an audience-first, not a media-first, strategy, so you can find your best customers and prospects. Before content even comes into question, you need to know who your most high-value audiences are and where to find them.

  2. Continual access to premium and privilege: The goal when trying to match the right media placement to the right audience is a higher win rate. This has historically been difficult for even medium-sized businesses to achieve when larger companies and agencies seem to have a foothold on premium, privileged access. Working with a technology provider with a large media footprint and the scale to help you successfully negotiate deals and win the inventory you need is key to beating out the media titans.

  3. Reducing complexity: Don’t try to manage everything in-house. Consider partners with the right expertise to address fraud, header bidding, supply chain hygiene, private deals and more. The supply landscape has gotten too complicated to stay stuck in one strategy. You might traditionally only work in private deals, but you should consider other types of negotiations to ensure you are doing whatever is necessary to get the right media to match your best audiences.

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