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How Omnichannel Improves Your Day Job

We’ve talked on this blog about the challenges that prevent marketers from adopting omnichannel and how they can overcome them, in addition to why running campaigns in an omnichannel way is no longer an option, but a necessity. But what are the nitty-gritty benefits of omnichannel in terms of how it affects a marketer’s day-to-day in a good way?

We believe the way to do omnichannel right is through one platform for a number of reasons that lead not only to better outcomes for your campaigns, but also reduced workload on you and your team.

One platform, one workflow: A single omnichannel platform enables brands to standardize processes, which drives scale. Compared with managing multiple platforms, taking a single-platform approach decreases the time to traffic a campaign and can decrease the overhead and training requirements of end users who can skill up on one platform. Without having to worry about resource requirements and training, marketers can focus on more strategic tasks and innovating for clients.

Performance drives performance: A single, fluid budget helps with allocating spend across channels and optimizing impression-level buying, allowing for tracking of holistic performance. Better performance begets support for shifting the media mix and testing new channels.

Better user experience: Managing frequency holistically across channels at the advertiser level helps brands boost consumers’ advertising experiences. Based on an overall understanding of the user’s behavior, brands can display the right ad at the time and in the right place—something not possible when frequency is managed across silos in different platforms.

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