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Hi, My Name Is...

Remember when you were younger, most of us before the internet made it so accessible, and you had a pencil or mini license plate from that family vacation with your name on it. The feeling you had, how special you felt? As you got older, the desire for personalization evolved into experiences, customer service (don’t we all hit zero to speak with someone when we call customer service?), our favorite restaurants or bars. That’s the same feeling you want your customers to feel when they interact with your brand.

Personalization in advertising has come a long way, and it’s a balance between just right and creepy. We’ve learned that remarketing and dynamic creative increases sales and cart size. As consumers, we’ve seen the pattern of coupons and offers after purchase. With personalization everyone wins. If it’s done right, consumers see what they want, and you gain their trust to suggest additional products.

According to an Epsilon survey of 1,000 consumers aged 18-64:

  • 80% say they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences

  • 90% claim they find personalization appealing

With numbers that high, are you hurting your brand without personalization? As with social media, consumers are more likely to respond to conversational advertising than just brand promotion.

As you plan for 2020, take personalization into your marketing strategy - we have it all within reach now more than ever.

I never did get that pencil with my name on it, having an uncommon spelling to my name. However, with personalization options these days, I think I might be in luck.

December 12, 2019 - by Kym Insana

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