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Employee Spotlight: Kym Insana

Welcome to our October Employee Spotlight. This month's profile is all about the woman who keeps the whole company (in addition to her family of four boys) going.

Name and title: Kym Insana, President & Founder 

Hometown: Queens, NY 

Experience: Eighteen years in various sales and sales/account leadership roles

Previous company: MediaMath

Why AlwaysOn Digital: I wanted to build something that would provide a level of customer service that I would want for myself. Clients need a human touch without the 9-to-5 boundaries and should have confidence that their partners always have their best interest in mind. 

Marketing idol: Walt Disney: "Details matter."

Fun fact: I was a competitive baton twirler until age 16. I also have two different-colored eyes!

Favorite quote or words to live by: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." 

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