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CPG Brand Discovers New Customers and Market Reach

Case Study: How did a Top 10 CPG brand generate new customer sales and market reach?

AlwaysOn Digital CPG brand case study that drove high user engagement and sales for a leading chocolate brand.

A leading brand within the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, renowned for ranking among the top ten, sought the expertise of AlwaysOn Digital. Their primary objectives were to boost sales volumes and explore untapped consumer segments for their distinctive range of candy gifts. Their ultimate goal was to augment their market share by effectively reaching and engaging new potential customers. AlwaysOn Digital was thus entrusted with the significant responsibility of driving these ambitious growth plans, leveraging our digital proficiency to redefine the brand's market penetration strategies.


Generate sales and consumer engagement, while discovering new customer attributes for additional market reach.


Utilized 1st, 2nd, & 3rd party audience data, lookalike modeling, and remarketing strategies while deploying various engagement tactics and optimization techniques across display, video, and mobile strategies across social media and the open web.


Became the second most consumer-engaged traffic source amongst all their media partners, while returning on average a 16:1 ROAS -- with highs of 26:1 ROAS. Expanded to additional media tactics for always-on media strategies.

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