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Boost Your Digital Presence During March Madness: Win the Game With These Buzzer Beaters

March Madness is an exciting time of the year for college basketball fans around the world. With the NCAA tournament quickly approaching, it is the perfect opportunity to showcase the importance of digital marketing.

A digital marketing strategy is essential for businesses and organizations to reach a wider audience, and the NCAA tournament provides an ideal opportunity to effectively reach potential consumers. With millions of people tuning in to watch, brands have a prime opportunity to get their message in front of a highly engaged audience.

By capitalizing on the attention the tournament brings, brands can develop creative campaigns that will reach a much larger audience than they would otherwise. Strategies could include:

  1. Social Media Ads: Utilizing social media is a great way to reach a wider audience and create awareness during the NCAA tournament. Ads can be targeted to specific audiences and demographics to ensure that the right message is delivered to the right people.

  2. Create Branded Content: Creating content related to the tournament is a great way to get your brand noticed. This could include creating videos, blog posts, infographics, or even interactive games.

  3. Cross-Platform Advertising: Advertising across multiple platforms can help you reach a larger audience. For example, you can deploy display banners and videos on the open web and sponsored posts across social media platforms.

  4. Utilize Influencers: Utilizing influencers can help promote your brand and spread awareness about your product or service to their large following and create more of an immediate impact.

  5. Participate in Interactive Polls and Discussions: Participating in interactive polls and discussions will help you engage with the audience and increase your brand's visibility. This is a great way to connect with potential customers and create relationships outside of traditional media tactics.

By creating campaigns that focus on the tournament and the teams involved, brands can capitalize on the excitement and enthusiasm only March Madness can provide. Additionally, by using the right hashtags with posts, brands can target a specific audience and have their content seen by millions of people.

The digital marketing opportunities during the NCAA tournament are endless. With the right strategy, brands can capitalize on the massive audience and reach potential customers in a way that traditional advertising cannot. By utilizing the digital marketing options available, brands can ensure that their message is seen and heard by the masses to generate incremental brand awareness and a lift in business outcomes.

The AlwaysOn Digital media team can help in all areas of your digital media strategy and execution across all channels. We'd love to help, so feel free to reach us at

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