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Achieving Omnichannel Oz

Omnichannel marketing is no longer an option—it’s a necessity for reaching the customers you want to target across channels at scale. Omnichannel media execution can help marketers reduce budget waste, boost campaign efficiency and get a more holistic view of their customers.

But we realize “going omnichannel” is no easy task for an industry used to channel-based approaches to media instead of an audience-focused approach. Moving to an audience-focused approach means you can have a fluid campaign budget that focuses on where you can best reach your target customer instead of worrying about spending budget in a specific channel. Omnichannel doesn’t have to be all or nothing—you can test this approach and iterate as you go and learn. We’ve included some tips below on how to get started testing omnichannel campaigns.

Establish your business goals and KPIs: Choose goal types such as ROI, CPA, CPC that allow you to optimize your campaigns

Apply a holistic approach to media: Ensure that creatives/strategies are optimized for all appropriate channels and devices. Improve diversity with inclusion of multiple creative units and sizes, across mobile, rich media, native.

Define the appropriate channels, marketplaces and supply sources: Be broad at first. The initial media approach should reflect a comprehensive marketing mix in order to maximize user reach. Monitor the best-performing inventory.

Apply a method for quality measurement: Utilize contextual targeting and third-party measurement tools (attribution vendors, ad verification, etc.) in order to ensure true quality of impressions across supply types.

Apply your attribution learnings: Utilize a method of pathway analysis — apply analytics of past campaigns in order to improve future performance.

Push the limits with reach in a truly omnichannel fashion: With a secure knowledge of premium supply, look at performance analysis to inform decisions using an “audience-first” approach, instead of assumptions about specific supply by source or channel.

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