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Accessing High-Value Audiences via Private Marketplaces

What’s the advantage of a private marketplace? For brands, it’s an opportunity to reach select audiences across premium or niche websites in the hopes of capturing a targeted, quality audience. Not only might this represent a more efficient and targeted buy, but for brands who are apprehensive about the perceived pitfalls of programmatic, private marketplaces offer a “safer” way to purchase media. While more experienced advertisers rely on reputable platforms to mitigate risk, even begginers understand that there’s no risk to brand safety when advertising on premium sites; there’s less concern around viewability, and far fewer worries about fraud.

The targeting advantages are particularly helpful for brands with a passionate following. Ads for high-end tennis gear, for example, probably thrive in a marketplace that targets men of a certain age and income level who are interested in tennis, fitness and luxury cars. A couture shoe brand would fare better in a marketplace that reaches young professional women living in urban areas who have an interest in fashion and travel. By reaching their audiences through private marketplaces, these brands may pay a premium on impressions, but they’re more likely to reach their desired audience. The buy is more efficient, since the audience is more qualified to begin with - and ultimately, there will be fewer unqualified, wasted clicks, and a lower cost per acquisition overall. Plus, as an added bonus, brands benefit from the juxtaposition to content perceived as valuable by their target market.

It’s for these reasons that a celebrity retailer decided to drive sales and brand lift amongst its target audience while discovering new customer profiles through a curated fashion private marketplace, in addition to leveraging shopper data, prospecting to identify new customers and 24/7 campaign optimization. The campaign surpassed client goals, with brand awareness increasing steadily over the length of the campaign and sales well exceeding goal generating a 14:1 ROAS.

For brands targeting high-value audiences, private marketplaces offer a strategic advantage. Found out how AlwaysOn Digital hand-curates private marketplaces for you.

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