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5 More Tips for Those Holiday Campaigns You Should be Planning NOW

Wait, haven't you heard this before? Yes. Because we told you a month ago that you should be thinking about your holiday campaigns. Now we are less than three months away from Christmas. You probably didn't realize that or believe it, what with back to school, the end of summer and all that. You’re not alone if you haven't given a single thought to your holiday campaigns. but you can quickly pivot to put some plans into action. So here are five more tips for capitalizing on Holiday 2017:

1. Spend more money upfront, and earlier: By next month, you should start your holiday spend to capitalize on the 34% of shoppers who will begin shopping before Thanksgiving. Spend it on prospecting to build up your remarketing pool.

2. Understand your prospecting segments: Shoppers who only buy from you during the holidays need to be reached via a ramped-up buying cycle whereas your constant customers need more prompting to shop with you instead of other brands this season. Understand the nuances of these customers, in addition to other segments such as early birds and last-minute shoppers.

3. Tailor messaging and creative appropriately: Shipping discounts might not be enough to compel a customer already shopping for Christmas on November 15th but it will move the needle for someone who has waited till December 20th.

4. Leave time to test: One of the benefits of starting your holiday campaigns early is that you can test segments early on. You can build lookalike models from known customers to create segments and then refine them as you assess their performance.

5. Master the mobile moment: Particularly when it comes to your last-minute or key date shoppers, a mobile deal or discount can make all the difference when they are out and about, particularly on dates like the last shipping day before Christmas and Cyber Monday.

Photo from Creative Commons

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