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4 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Holiday Campaigns

Fourth of July is next week and many marketers will be looking to capitalize on the event to sell their products and promote discounts and special offers.  While each holiday is different, there are tips and tricks you can apply to your holiday campaigns throughout the year. In honor of Fourth of July, here are four things to consider when planning your next holiday campaigns.

1. Reach them early

Big holidays like Christmas have a long wind-up period. While many people won’t start shopping until November, others start earlier in the fall. Start your holiday campaigns early to ramp up your prospecting efforts and build your remarketing pool early. Starting early will also help you secure better inventory and avoid higher CPMs.

2.  Don’t stereotype shoppers

Women shop for Valentine’s Day, and often for others beyond spouses, and seniors shop for back to school.  Consider trialing different demos and test segments targeting users who have purchasing power for your holiday campaigns. Don’t forget to look at where website users are in their shopping journey—you can target each differently for maximum effect in your holiday campaigns.

3. Master the message

You can have the timing and audience right but if you mess up the message, you’ll lose your chance to grab the shoppers you want in your holiday campaigns. Consider tactics such dynamic creative optimization to tailor your message to which products customers are browsing on your website. Use sense-of-urgency creative that offers same-day delivery or shipping discounts during big holiday campaigns.

4. Be flexible

The short buying cycle of many holidays means you must be all to move dollars between channels depending on how they are performing and adjust pacing as you approach key shopping dates. Also pay attention to how you spend prospecting and remarketing budgets in your holiday campaigns so you have reached new users with enough time to convert them.

Photo from Creative Commons

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