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24/7 Campaign Management is a Must in the New Always-Connected World

Do you think the consumers you are trying to reach are only shopping and consuming content during weekday business hours? With all of the devices we use, do you think it’s smart to just “set and forget” your campaigns over the weekend? These questions have an obvious answer (no!) but many marketers still take a lackadaisical approach to their marketing campaigns. The truth is, campaign management and optimization shouldn’t stop when your traders leave the office at 5 or 6 pm. With the 24/7 nature of technology, you’ll put yourself at a disadvantage by failing to be able to quickly pivot your campaign strategy based on what is working or what’s not—even if it’s 2 a.m. Here is what we think “24/7” campaign management means:​

  • Higher levels of service: There is no setting and forgetting that results in misused spend or missed opportunities with 24/7 campaign management. You know your online marketing investments are being monitored and optimized during the weekends, holidays and peak times. You can check in with someone to see how things are going at all times and make adjustments accordingly.

  • Goal-oriented optimization: If your marketing KPIs are aligned with real business goals, not proxy metrics, you will have a better chance of achieving campaign success. All optimization will be in line with these goals, which reduces inefficiencies and waste. In this way, your campaign will always be running effectively because every decision will be made to get you to your desired KPI.

  • The right people: We recently shared an article on hiring the right people in marketing on our social channels. The article points out that with all of the new technology available to marketers, they need people who can actually thoughtfully recommend and strategize how to use it (and then, of course, actually operate it). Even the best strategy and the right KPIs don’t guarantee a win in 24/7 campaign management. You need the right people, with expertise at managing all types of campaign strategies and goal types across channels and verticals. There’s also the fact that humans, not machines, understand emotion and the intent behind a given business’s marketing goals.

If you are looking for a performance marketing company that offers 24/7 campaign management to deliver unmatched results, get in touch. Photo from Creative Commons

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