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10 Supply Terms to Know

The supply chain has grown increasingly complex and includes a range of terminology that befuddle even the most experienced marketers. We thought we’d break down some of the buzzwords so you can go into conversations with your tech and supply partners well-informed.

  1. Ads.txt is an anti-fraud standard established by the IAB whereby publishers must upload a file to prove that they are able to sell the inventory they are selling.

  2. Deal ID is a unique piece of code used to match buyers and sellers in an automated ad buy using previously negotiated criteria.

  3. Header bidding involves publishers offering advance bidding on premium inventory to multiple ad exchanges at the same time before releasing it to their ad servers to realize higher yields.

  4. Open exchange is akin to a virtual auction place, with buyers bidding on the billions of ads that flow through daily.

  5. Preferred deal is when a publisher makes its inventory available at a set price for a single buyer. These deals leverage real-time bidding infrastructure, but allow the publisher to give preference and better rates to specific demand-side partners.

  6. Premium inventory, also known as guaranteed inventory, is when a publisher makes inventory available through direct channels. In many cases, premium inventory lives on a website’s home page and offers increased value over general ad space.

  7. Private marketplaces are more controlled environments, typically run by major publishers or a group of them, that give preferred access, with ads sold through carefully selected agencies or advertisers using real-time bidding via trading desks and DSPs.

  8. Programmatic guaranteed is where the buyer and seller negotiate directly for guaranteed inventory at a fixed price.

  9. Real-time bidding (RTB) is the buying and selling of ad impressions, in real-time, in an online auction marketplace. It takes place over online media exchanges—basically media marketplaces—which connect sellers (publishers) and buyers (advertisers).

  10. Supply-side platform is an advertiser technology platform that represents the suppliers of online ads (publishers) and makes it easier for publishers to manage and sell their inventory on multiple ad exchanges and networks.

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